As an apprentice, Zack David will not only show you the tricks of the trade, but also serve as a mentor to help you develop the ‘Eye of the DP.’ The Eye is something that no book can teach you and no professor can lecture you on – you have to learn by doing. 

 The greatest part of working with Zack David is having the ability to network with other industry vets and like minded creatives. Also, while you apprentice under Zack David you will learn post production using the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Contact us explaining why you're eager to learn and what exactly sparks your interest in film.

L E S S O N S  

Description: Hands on experience completing real projects with real industry clients!!

Deliverables: Hands on experience | Lessons 1 day a week 

Price: $300 monthly

I learned so much from Zack while apprenticing under him. From working with clients to creating full creative lighting setups at locations. I’ve had an amazing experience every shoot!!
— King Graphics
My skill set in Adobe Premiere wasn’t the greatest, but Zack opened my eyes to more creative routes in obtaining my vision.
— Julius Loving